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Make a bendy hazel chair

Make a bendy hazel chair

This 2 day course is ideal for learners who are keen to make a lovely chair from a bundle of coppice hazel rods, using simple a drill, a saw and a hammer. (If you have a cordless drill, please bring it with you). No woodworking experience is necessary and you will be guided through the whole process.

The bendy hazel chair is comfortable and stunning looking, and makes a useful and attractive piece of furniture for your porch, conservatory or garden.

On the first day learners will select thicker hazel poles to make the frame, simply nailed together in the right proportions. Then on the second day the long slender hazel rods will be selected and fixed in place to form the arms, back and seat.

The tutor is forestry graduate Maurice Clother; a bodger (pole lathe turner) with loads of experience; having taught green woodwork since 2001.

The venue is the woodland workshop, situated in the Herefordshire woods. The canvas covered workshop is set right in the woods with the source of the materials is all around – hazel coppice. Herefordshire woodlands are rich in hazel, although there is much that yet to be done to enrich the source, managed in a sensitive and sustainable way.

Camping is available on site, please enquire.

Enjoy this simple and effective project coached by an experienced artisan tutor, and take the fruits of your labour home with you at the end of the course! Please make sure you have space in (or on) your car!

What's included in the price?

All materials, tuition and use of tools are included.

We have a kettle fire circle with drinks and nibbles on hand.

Please bring a packed lunch on the days.