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Hi! Welcome to Touch Wood.

My name is Maurice Clother and I am a forester and green woodworker based in rural Herefordshire.

Using sustainably harvested native hardwoods, I make a wide range of items for sale from turnery and treen to furniture, treebogs and other timber framed structures. Also chestnut fencing and gates.

I have long had a fascination for traditional woodland crafts, and have researched the subject exhaustively, and been lucky to be able to develop my skills and understanding of the ways traditional woodland crafts can swiftly transform wood into useful and attractive items. The use of hand tools and the skills our ancestors possessed are still accessible to us today; we just need to sharpen up those old tools and make the journey into the wood! 

I have been a teacher of green woodwork since 2001. Throughout 2024 I am able to offer a series of courses from April in our canvas covered workshop, within the beautiful woodlands on the slopes of Marcle Ridge.