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Course: Make a Greenwood Stool

Course: Make a Greenwood Stool

This 2 day course is ideal for learners who have previously attended a Touch-Wood "Taster Day", or have some woodworking/turning experience (enthusiastic novices are able to do this course too!) .

A "milking stool" is a traditional 3 legged stool, which makes a useful and attractive piece of furniture in any present day household. On this course you can choose to make a round or heart shaped stool with turned legs, or drawknife shaved legs, you choose! If you have other ideas, please run them by the tutor first, to ensure that the project is feasible.

On the first day learners will cleave fresh green ash wood, and shape it with axes and drawknives to prepare the billets for stool legs; these may then be turned on pole lathes to traditional or original patterns, with consideration to functional and attractive design. The legs will then be dried ready for assembly on the last day of the course.

On the second day seasoned hardwood boards will be cut to shape using a turning saw, and shaped and finished using a range of hand tools; then the components will be assembled, using traditional Windsor chair making techniques.

The tutor is forestry graduate Maurice Clother; a bodger (pole lathe turner) with loads of experience; having taught green woodwork since 2001.

The venue is the woodland workshop, situated in the Herefordshire woods. The workshop is equipped with plenty of shave horses, pole lathes and tools to enable learners to make traditional Windsor furniture.

The source of the materials is all around – Herefordshire Woodlands are rich in ancient woodland, and we help to manage them in a sensitive and sustainable way. We use native hardwoods, harvested locally, to be crafted into a range of items, using traditional methods and simple hand tools.

Camping is available on site, please enquire.

Enjoy this ancient and absorbing craft, coached by an experienced artisan tutor, and take the fruits of your labour home with you at the end of the day!

What's included in the price?

All materials, tuition and use of tools are included.

We have a kettle fire circle with drinks and biscuits on hand.

Please bring a packed lunch on the days.