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Image of Charcoal
  • Image of Charcoal
  • Image of Charcoal

Touch-Wood makes charcoal in the forest. 3 grades available:
1 BBQ charcoal which is bigger lumps, suitable for cooking yummy food on the barbie (some say this is the only cooking most blokes ever do!).
2 Forging Coals, graded between 12mm and 25mm for a consistent even burn in the forge. Blacksmiths report that this product is ideal for fire welding, making Damascus steel and tool making as it imparts some extra carbon to the iron/steel.
3 Biochar, the finer graded particles 12mm down to dust, an organic soil treatment said to:
-Increase crop yields, and gives you healthier plants
-Help soil retain water, and essential nutrients
-Increases the effect of green compost and organic fertilizer
-Reduces the harmful effects of chemical pesticides
-Suppresses methane and nitrous oxide ('greenhouse gases' )
-Captures 80% of its Weight in Carbon
All this for £2 per kilo!

Collection only unless you have a wholesale enquiry; contact Touch-Wood to order.